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Unique car posters and technical evolution history charts


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who makes these posters?
A: I do all the planning, research, illustrating and writing for the posters.

Q: Are they just photos of cars on the poster?
A: No, they are high-detailed digitally-rendered graphics, which allows me to render each model consistently, including the rarest and most obscure models, and cars which no longer exist, and keep every car showing with the same perspective, no matter what model or body shape it has.

Q: How long does it take to make one of these?
A: Anywhere from 3 weeks to a month plus depending on my regular job workload and the number of cars and body shapes on the poster, or obscurity of information required to complete it.  There are some posters I've simply had to give up on because I can't find enough information to get them right.

Q: Are they reprints of, or reproductions of, official factory material?
A: No, they are original pieces of work created by myself.  The closest thing the car companies make to this are original brochures from the model's original new sales period.

Q: Why don't you put car company logos and model badge script on the posters, to jazz them up a bit more?
A: Such items are registered trademarks of the car companies and I cannot include them on my posters.

Q: How accurate are the illustrations?
A: Very.  Many, many hours go into studying, designing and illustrating the vehicles on the posters.  By the time a poster is completed, I know every panel join, every body crease and every badge on a model.  I also try and find standard equipment and options lists for different models to ensure they are as stock as possible, however sometimes I include some optional equipment in the illustrations to show what the cars could come with.

Q: What type of paper are the posters printed on?
A: Imported 240 gsm premium gloss print paper of 19x13 size.  The size is also known as A3+, Super A3 or B3 size.  These are larger than A3 and have a special resin coating which require the same amounts of ink as used to print photos (the printer is actually put into photo mode).  This is required to print the high-resolution detail of my detailed graphics and to have vivid colours.

Q: Any chance of a discount?
A: If buying a bulk amount, eg. 10 or more, please contact me to arrange a discount.  Keep in mind my free shipping policy.

Q: Can you provide discounts for a bulk order for an enthusiast car club?
A: Yes.  Please contact me to discuss.

Q: Can you change the colour/stripes of a car to match my own car or the car of the person I want to buy the poster for?
A: Yes, normally I can do that for most posters.  Please contact me beforehand to discuss.

Q: Can you make a custom poster with specific title, text and cars (in specific colours) on it, as a gift for someone?
A: Yes, I can make custom posters.  Please contact me with details to discuss.

Q: How are payments made?
A: Payments are accepted securely via PayPal, where you can use your credit or debit card, or your PayPal funds.  You do not need a PayPal accounts to pay by card.

Q: Do you accept requests for a model chart?
A: Yes, if you have an idea, I'd love to hear from you.  I want to know what people want!

Q: My dog has no nose.  How does it smell?
A: Terrible!

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