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Unique car posters and technical evolution history charts


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Jaguar XJ-S & XJS production history poster print

Paper: 19x13" Premium Gloss 240gsm | Ink: Premium UV-Resistant Anti-Fading Ink

Size: Designed for A2 frames (or 19x13" where available)

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This print profiles the Jaguar XJ-S models from 1975 to 1996, including the V12, straight-six, cabriolet and convertible cars over the years, as well as special edition and the TWR-enhanced models.  The print includes an introduction at the top which discusses the car's development, design, reception and overview of major changes.  There are 20 cars illustrated with text under each which discussses all the changes made over the years 1975 to 1996.  There is also a model-breakdown production numbers summary under the heading.

The cars on the print are as follow:

1975 XJ-S V12
1980 XJ-S
1981 XJ-S HE
1983 XJ-S 3.6
1983 XJ-SC 3.6 cabriolet
1985 XJ-S (TWR-enhanced)
1985 XJ-SC V12
1986 XJ-S Hess & Eisenhardt (convertible)
1987 XJ-S Le Mans Edition
1987 XJ-S 3.6 SportsPack
1988 XJ-S convertible
1989 XJR-S
1990 XJ-S Rouge Collection
1991 XJS Le Mans Edition
1991 XJS Classic Collection
1991 XJS V12
1993 XJS V12
1994 XJS 4,0L
1994 XJS 2+2 Convertible
1996 XJS Celebration

Suitable as a framed print for the Jaguar or British car enthusiast!

PRINT SIZE: 19x13 inches
PAPER STOCK: 240gsm premium gloss (thick and shiny)

The word SAMPLE appears on the poster image just for website listing purposes, it's not on the actual print you receive.  Many hours of planning, research, illustrating and writing work have gone into the production of this print and I'm very proud of it.  My work is bought by enthusiasts from all corners of the world and is also often purchased to be given as gifts.

Note: I reserve the right to make minor changes to the prints in the interest of improvement or accuracy.  I endeavour to update my website images as soon as possible but you may receive a newer version of the print with some changes.  The factory paint colours represented on the prints are reproduced as closely as possible.  Actual prints may very slightly vary due to differences between individual computer or mobile device screens and printer, and supplies of paper stock and ink stock.


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Jaguar XJ-S & XJS production history poster print V12 AJ6

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